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We strive to help you achieve your highest potential of health and beauty. Our treatments are customized to each unique individual and we aim to establish a long relationship with our clients based on trust and confidence.
We offer professional massage services including Oil massage, Chinese massage,Chinese Tui-na,  Back massage, Foot massage, Head massage, Deep tissue massage, pain relief massage, Cupping massage therapy, Hot stone massage, and much more.

Our Team


The senior beauty consultant with 30 years of industry experience.  2 years of Ikebukuro Tokyo Business School and two years of Nagashima Business School study management.
In 1999, she obtained a New York beautician license. In February 2005, she founded her own beauty studio in Queens, New York. She has certain insights on the channels and collaterals to dredge acupoints.  She trained a large number of professional beauty technicians.
In 2017, she was admitted to the Executive Technical Officer of Wenxiu, and was certified by the Swiss ICC beauty agency.  During the 2020 epidemic, She still kept studying and obtained the major beauty licenses in Binzhou, North Carolina and New Jersey.  Settled in Philadelphia in 2021.
“I am willing to give you the most professional experience and help more pain patients in need. Be your best friend.My belief is not to forget the original intention and always have to”


He comes from a family of Chinese medicine, learned family skills since childhood, and has been engaged in Chinese medicine massage and bone setting for more than 30 years.
From 1995 to 2016,  about 20 years he studied and worked  in Luoyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Bone Massage School, and won many honors.  He is specializes in relaxing the meridian, strengthening the bones, body balance and nourishment. He arrived in the U.S. in 2016 and working as massage therapist since then.
He conquered our customers with traditional Chinese massage techniques, dedicated to promoting Chinese massage and making friends all over the world.